Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodbye Dixie Carter

Every once in a while you work with someone who really makes an impression on you. Dixie Carter was one of those people. She was already playing a wildly popular character -- Brandy -- on Edge Of Night when I showed up to do my year long stint.

Dixie was the kind of actress who not only welcomed a newcomer, she showed you where the ladies room was -- a serious consideration when you were doing a show that was still being broadcast live. Like most people I was charmed by her, she was earthy, glamorous, incredibly smart and totally feminine -- a combo I still think southern women can pull off better than anyone else.

And now I'm going to admit to something, Dixie had a signature perfume in those days, it was called Bal A Versailles, and it was romantic, lovely, and as she used to say, just a little bit "loud." After she introduced me to it, I wore that stuff for years.


  1. She was quite a lady. I will miss her wonderful talent.


  2. I have never met my own standards of what I consider a lady to be. I have an image in my mind of what I consider to be a lady. Dixie Carter has always been the personification of that image. I had hoped to meet her one day so I could have told her how much I had always admired her. And who but Julia Sugarbaker could walk out of a public restroom with her her dress stuffed in her pantyhose and still maintain her dignity! I am going to miss that lady! LeAnn Skeen